Being a Training Benefice again

  • Fellowship service

Many of you will remember having a training curate among us, but some of you will be new to the concept. Being a training benefice is a gift to the church as we enable our curate to complete their training to be an incumbent. Karen is among us not to be an extra pair of hands but to experience and participate in the life of a busy benefice.

As part of this Karen will identify fairly soon a group of you to be her formation team, who will, alongside me, work with her to explore her ministry and help her reflect on her experience in an honest and supportive way.

Top Tips for supporting Karen:

  1. Pray for Karen and Chris.
  2. Don’t expect Karen to know/remember your name — each time you meet her introduce yourself.
  3. Offer local information as she is new to the Benefice and the area.
  4. Respect Karen’s day off which is MONDAY.
  5. Learn with Karen. Having someone in training is a chance for the whole benefice to reflect and learn from one another, from things that we do together, and from the Spirit of God calling us out and on.
  6. Don’t compare Karen to anyone else.
  7. Tell her when she’s got it right: affirm and encourage. Tell her what has worked and how it helped. If you have more negative feedback, please offer it to me rather than directly to Karen.
  8. But remember mistakes are vital to learning. If Karen never makes a mistake she will never learn! Mistakes are important things and should be valued.
  9. Enjoy having Karen as our curate. Her time with us is limited!