Each village community in the benefice has set up a support group or network to help the ore vulnerable and those self-isolating:

  • For Child Okeford please contact Karen Knapton on 01258 863817. For a home delivery from Cross Stores please call 01258 860279.
  • For Okeford Fitzpaine please call Sue Finklaire on 01258 861357. For a home delivery from Okeford Village Stores please call 01258 722179.
  • For Shillingstone, Hammoon and Manston please call Rev Lydia on 01258 863774.

The Church remains committed to caring for people and even if that cannot be done physically in person, it can be done in many other ways. Talking, listening, connecting digitally and praying – these are vital links that bind us together in love.

Rev Lydia is saying Daily Prayer through the week – please send her any prayer requests.

If you would like to receive the Pew News (the weekly Church bulletin) and audio sermons, please send Rev Lydia your email address (). Do keep an eye on this website which has lot of resources for the whole family.

In a crisis it is tempting to think that we must do everything and give everything “right now”. The restrictions in place are likely to become more severe before they are relaxed, and they are likely to remain in force for months rather than weeks: we need to pace ourselves, and be patient if things take a little while to adapt. Above all be gentle and gracious with yourself.

A prayer for those affected by coronavirus

God of healing and hope,
in Jesus you meet us in our places of pain and fear.
Look with mercy on those who have contracted the new virus,
on any who are vulnerable,
and on all who feel in danger.
Through this time of global concern,
by your Holy Spirit bring out the best not the worst in us.
Make us more aware of our interdependence on each other,
and of the strength that comes from being one body in you.
Through Christ our wounded healer.