There are three St. Cuthburga Awards that give you the opportunity to explore the Christian faith and discipleship in a structured but relaxed way. Join a group and open up your world to new insights, skills, friends and fun. Gain confidence in your faith and know God more deeply in your life.


Award framework

There are three progressive award levels: Foundation, Certificate and Diploma. There is no “baseline” starting point – these awards are open to all whether you are new or old in faith and there are no lower or upper age limits! The elements of each award are the same; the main differences between them are the length of time they take to complete and how challenging they are.

Each award comprises four elements:

PRAYER – You will learn different ways of praying and see how it feels to commit yourself to daily prayer

STUDY – You will study specific parts of the Bible to give you greater understanding and insights into God’s word

PILGRIMAGE – You will walk or travel to holy places in your local area, slow the pace and talk with fellow pilgrims

SERVICE – You will find out all the different roles there are in church and beyond and commit your time and talents



A three month course


Set aside a time for prayer and use a prayer guide each day. Keep a record of how you felt each day and whether prayer was easy or hard.


The Books of Ruth and Jonah. Explore these very different styles of writing in the Old Testament. Present a response to your study in whatever format fits you.


Visit a local monastic house.


Join a rota at church.


A nine month course


Use prayer during the day everyday. Create a sacred space and time for prayer. Keep a prayer journal of people and events you want to pray for.


A Gospel, an Epistle and the sacrament of the Eucharist. Present a response to your study in whatever format fits you.


Plan and do a walk round local churches. Talk to everyone you pass on the way.


Be active in your community, take the message out.


An eighteen month course


Say the Daily Office twice a day. Commit to praying for five other people for 6 months at a time.


The Psalms, a Gospel, an Epistle and the creed. Present a response to your study in whatever format fits you.


Visit a worship space of another faith. Revisit the monastic house. Reflect on how you have changed.


Consider what God is calling you to do next. Set up your own group.


Group support

Groups of 6 people committed to each other and the award. The level of challenge is agreed by the group  as we recognise that everyone starts their faith journey from a different place. What seems easy for one person might be a real challenge for someone else. Equally the way each person reflects and responds to the award is agreed on an individual basis by the group and award facilitator.


Bishop of Salisbury

Achieving these awards is a big deal and it shows you have commitment, dedication and a deep desire to recognise God more in your life. Celebrating and honouring this is really important and so each award is presented by the Bishop.