September 2018

In June after many attempts, the Government and opposition signed a peace agreement, intended to end the devastating tribal conflict that has left 7 million South Sudanese (of a population of 12.5 million) in need of food aid. Tens of thousands have been killed in fighting and nearly 2 million have fled to neighbouring countries. A reduction in fighting has resulted, but there are still outbreaks of violence, mainly by armed unemployed youths and other outlaws. The huge task facing the new united government, if it survives, is the restoration of the economy, and when the scattered people, including many from Lui, can return.

The situation in Lui is improving and slowly life is returning to normal. Archbishop Stephen is at last able to spend time there. After a long period when it has been very difficult to do anything, the Diocese is encouraged to make plans for education and building and angelism. There are a number of projects they have in mind and ++Stephen hopes the Deanery will be willing to support one of them. In March we received a report on, and photographic evidence of the Moru-language hymnbooks that we funded last year.

Please pray for the success of the South Sudan peace agreement.