Co-op tea party

The newly opening Co-op in Shillingstone is hosting a tea party on Thursday March 15th at 3.30pm in the Church Centre. All Welcome!

Lent course update

It is always a challange to a Rector when a group gathers for the first session of a new Lent course, groan when they see the title ‘Anglicanism and 20th century modernity’ and tell you that it looks really boring! However we had a cracking hour with the usual lively discussion and learning opportunities. It […]

The St Cuthburga Group finishes Jonah

You may be wondering why this is a newsworthy event, but for all those in the St Cuthburga group, their families and friends, this marks the end of a chapter in our lives. We have spent the last 4 months studying a book which when printed covers 2 sides of A4.

How and why? Jonah has […]