Okeford Benefice

Rev’d Karen’s Ordination

Rev’d Karen is being ordained Priest at Salisbury Cathedral on June 29th at 4.30pm. You are all welcome to attend

If you would like to contribute towards a gift for Karen please give any monies to Anne Powell (Shottsford Cottage Shillingstone/ 01258 861397) 

Eco-Brick making

In preparation for our summer holiday club, please could you start making eco-bricks. Take an empty 1.5litre drinks bottle and stuff into it clean un-recyclable plastics. You will need a stick to tamp the plastic right down to the bottom. Stuff it as full as it will go – its incredible how much plastic you […]

Recycling scheme launched!

We are now a Terracycle Recycling Collection Point for:

Crisp Packets – any brand.  Please shake out any crisp fragments and stack your packets.  Note: not popcorn bags, crisp tubes, pretzel bags or meat snack bags please, and we can take only packets the crisps are actually in, not the outer wrappers of 6 […]