At our last Lent group meeting we discussed what attracts people to church. One suggestion was that we needed to be very clear about what our values are.

How about these for a starter for ten – what do you think?

We value all individuals, young and old, male and female, regardless of wealth, ability, or standing in society.
We value communities in which individuals care for one another.
We value the kind of love that puts other people’s needs before our own.
We value justice for all people and long for a world where there is greater fairness and equality.
We value truth.
We value kindness and compassion.
We value deeds more than empty words.
We value the peace that comes from respect for other people who might be different from us in some way.
We value the kind of unity that can also celebrate diversity.

In other words, we value the kind of world about which Jesus taught and for which he gave his life.