As children, the Christian faith seems very easy – God is a nice old man sitting on a cloud; Jesus his son (great story about his birth) told lots of amazing stories and did miracles; the Holy Spirit is the air we breathe and the Old Testament is just one big colouring-in book.

As we get older this version of Christianity simply doesn’t work (and it never really should). We can end up feeling very dissatisfied with what appears to be a load of stories for children though we still quite like the Christmas story.

What about a grown up faith? What does that look and feel like?

  • Most of us at various times in our life, wonder ‘is there more to life than the things that we do every day?’
  • Most of us ask the big questions about why bad things happen to good people and how a God of love can allow terrible suffering in his world.
  • Many people feel that something is missing in their lives, a restless feeling inside that try as they might, they haven’t found what they’re looking for.

Trying to be a nice person or simply going to church doesn’t make you a Christian. The Christian life is primarily about a living relationship with God through Jesus Christ and living a life that is consistent with the way that Jesus taught.

Central to that relationship is knowing we can trust God.
Jesus Christ was the one human being who was completely in tune with God and he carried the burden of our human failure. He let himself be betrayed and rejected, executed in a humiliating and agonising way, out of love for us.

Death did not succeed in silencing him or removing him from the world. Christians believe he is alive; and that means that his love is alive, having survived the worst we can do.

Nothing can separate us from this love. But this isn’t an excuse for doing what we like thinking we can get away with it. When we are connected to God in a relationship we breathe his breath – that’s part of what it means to say that we receive God’s Spirit – and so we are in tune with God. That’s quite a responsibility and something Christians take very seriously. When we are in tune with God, breathing with his breath then we shall live lives of selfless generosity, always asking how the gifts given us – material or imaginative or spiritual or whatever – can be shared in a way that brings other people more fully alive.

If you would like to explore Christian faith, please make contact with us or come along on a Sunday morning. We would love to help you discover more.