Services currently only take place on the first Sunday of each month, from 9-10am. This pattern does occasionally change so please check our events page for further details. It also lists the services available elsewhere in our benefice on other Sundays.


St Paul’s stands in the heart of the tiny village of Hammoon (population about 50). The church is open all day every day – there is no key to the door – and is a peaceful space that is often visited by passing walkers and cyclists. It is especially valued in the Benefice for its prayerful, spiritual feel.


The church was founded in the 13th Century with the first Rector recorded in 1297. It is now a Grade 1 listed building with a 14th Century font, a nave roof that dates from the 15th Century and a pulpit from 1635. A wooden belfry was added in 1885 and the church was restored in 1896 at a cost of £900.

One of the quirky aspects of the church is an abortive rebuilding effort made sometime in the 13th Century. The chancel was rebuilt on a larger scale than before and a project to build a correspondingly larger nave was started. The south wall of the nave was built, but the project was abandoned and the nave was left with its original north wall. This leaves the church with sanctuary off line with the nave by about 4ft.

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  • Open all day

  • Dog friendly

  • Parking outside the church

  • Steps up to the church and one inside

  • History guide available



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