Services currently only take place on the fourth Sunday of each month, from 6.30-7.30pm. This pattern does occasionally change so please check our events page for further details. It also lists the services available elsewhere in our benefice on other Sundays.


Manston Church is open from 9am-5pm everyday for visitors and/or private prayer.


Manston church dates from the 13th Century with a tower dated 1534. It is a beautiful Grade 1 listed church with a long association with Manston House in whose grounds it stands.

There is a mausoleum next to the church built by a Captain Hanham, a previous owner of Manston house, in 1877 for his wife and mother-in-law, whilst he sought permission to build a crematorium in the garden. In 1882, Manston became the site of the first official cremation in the United Kingdom.

The church retains a good deal of its historical character, the main additions being a 19th century porch and a north aisle vestry added in 1885.

The church is now a Chapel of Ease to St Nicholas’ Church Child Okeford.

For the parish safeguarding policy and safeguarding officer contact details click here.


  • Open all day

  • Church car park (gravelled)

  • Dog friendly

  • One step in church



Mr. Keith Allen
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