I find the poetry of Godfrey Rust very compelling and thought provoking. His poem called The Shepherds talks of the importance of being in the right place at the right time. As we enter the season of Advent, we think not only of the first coming of Jesus but also of his second coming. The Bible is full of warnings that we must be ready, awake and alert for this second coming. We need to be in the right place, at the right time, ready and prepared. With all the pressures and busy-ness we put on ourselves around Christmas-time there is such a danger that we will miss the real show. May we use this season of Advent to get our senses attuned to the glories of heaven that might just be revealed to us. Turning up, being there, being present takes on a new urgency.

The shepherds – Geoffrey Rust

It was done plainly enough.
The night sky was a perfect billboard,
the sound effects spectacular.

Only a few were awake
and in the right place
at the right time when heaven,
unable to contain its amazement any longer,
spilled out momentarily into earth
and explained itself.

The message was clear as day
but his timing was, as always, surprising,
and the show ran
for one performance only.